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Re: In the Spotlight - l_mac

Originally Posted by elessar View Post
So this is the place where everyone can ask questions to MTF's favourite poster Linda so you can see her for the sweetheart she really is

I'll start:

1)What first drew you to Rafa?
2)What's your favourite work of art?
3)What's your favourite dish?
4)Do you like kittens?
5)What would you consider the most fullfilling aspect of your life?
1) I love how modest and how much of an underdog he is.
2) The signatures I make for ACC fixing each year. I really love those clowns.
3) Venus Rosewater Dish
4) No
5) Posting on MTF. I am the most influential member on this board. [3] ACC / [11] Popularity

Originally Posted by elessar View Post
Just thought of a few more

6)Do you agree with the saying: "A hard shell often hides a vulnerable heart"?
7)What's your favourite quote?
6) No, a hard shell is just hard.
7) "Well he's the favorite, no? I try my best, no?"

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
My question

1) Why am I your favorite poster?

Originally Posted by Aloimeh View Post
1.) Would you consider yourself a Scottish nationalist? Would you support independence?

2.) Do you nurture a fantasy of marrying Nadal?

3.) What kind of software do you use to make your siggy-photos?

4.) What line of work do you do, generally speaking?

5.) What languages do you speak?

6.) What are your interests outside of Nadal?

7.) Have you considered becoming a subspecialized comedian, your niche being sarcasm?

8.) How does one become a cyber-leader? (It is apparent that you have quite a coterie of Rafatards following your lead.)

9.) What is the color of your hair and eyes?

10.) Is it about the tennis or the non-tennis for your?
1) Yes, I love Scotland. It is an amazing country now that Murray has emerged.

2) No, Nadal would never want me. I don't have enough topspin on my strokes.

3) MS Paint. I'm not too sure. I can't read many of the program names.

4) I am a student and also a seller of organic flow of information.

5) English.

6) Well I also enjoy Djokovic, so I'd have to say that's my secondary interest.

7) No, I don't think I am being funny at all nor do I try to. I honestly believe this shit.

8) I have no interest in being a cyberleader I am already the most influential MTF poster.

9) Green eyes/brunette

10) I love tennis. I avoid non-tennis because there are too many conspiracies happening and fixed competitions... Action Jokeson.

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