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Re: Happy Hanukkah - Chag Chanukah Sameach! Dec 11 - 19

Originally Posted by Aloimeh View Post
By Torah, you mean the Pentateuch - first five books of Moses?

I am surprised that the Talmud is seen as more important than the Prophets and the Writings.

Yes, I know OT = Tanakh, essentially identical except in how certain verses are translated. They mostly use the same Hebrew text - the Massoretic text (at least Protestant Bibles do).
I mispoke. One writing does not have more meaning over another. They are all important.
There are many sources that are considered the classic texts and I admit I am not well versed at all. There is the 1.Bible - narrative, law and poetry. 2. Talmud 3. Midrash 4. Medieval Bible Commentaries 5. Medieval Jewish Philosophy 6. Kabala Philosophy 7. Teachings of the Hassids and 8. Prayer and the Prayerbook

I am a reform Jew so liberal in my interpretation meaning we question and interpret rather than taking everything at face value. Traditions are very important in all branches of Judaism. However I choose to not have a Kosher home and I drive on Shabbat. And I consider myself a good Jew

To put it quite simply being Jewish is about believing that God considers people's actions more important than faith which for Christians is the opposite. That's why we don't think about heaven or hell. What is most important is what you do in life not after it.
Honestly I am much more knowledgeable about Medicine

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