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Re: R3: 2009 ACC "The its. like that" 4th Round starting Tuesday 23:00 GMT (Voting Op

Votes in bold

Burrow [1] vs. Raging Lamb [30]
prima donna [14] vs. munZe konZa [47]
GOATPARERA [12] vs. theRAFA (RAFAwon10CYGS) [22]
«Ivan»[39] vs. rubbERR [7]

Everko [5] vs. Byrd [27]
sawan66278 [11] vs. Foxy [24] - no vote
Black Adam [15] vs. MrChopin [20] - no vote
aloimeh [31] vs. Clydey [4] - Clydey is kind of fun and seems to want to be in the ACC for a laugh.

l_mac [3] vs. nadalsharapova [29]
Fahrenhajt [13] vs.safin-rules-no.1[19]
Bilbo [10] vs. tangerine_dream [21] - because I'm an American, right?
MalwareDie [28] vs. P. Antonius [8]

[6] Mellow Yellow vs. habibko [26]
JolánGagó [9] vs. rocketassist[23] - higher seed.
Tommy_Vercetti [16] vs. mediter [46] - it looks like mediter is going to lose, despite my offer to pay for votes. Mediter is the only person on this forum who believes that a gay marriage supporting, tree hugging, long haired pagan hippie like me could ever support Gov Ahnuld. He doesn't post that shit all over this forum to push my buttons, he's not that smart. He does it because he's an idiot.
Start da Game vs. Clay Death[2] - tough choice, goes to the veteran

Best twitter posts of the epic match:

@dougrobson - Whoever is supplying Mahut with hair gel needs to ink a sponsorship deal now.

@Wimbledon - FYI, with @Wimbledon live scoring devices, please add 50 to the games in the fifth set of the Isner v Mahut match.

@HolterMedia - Nice to see that a three-day test has come to tennis here @wimbledon.

Andy wearring Crocs, courtesy of Smitty8

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