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Re: R3: 2009 ACC "The its. like that" 4th Round starting Tuesday 23:00 GMT (Voting Op

Burrow [1] vs. Raging Lamb [30]
prima donna [14] vs. munZe konZa [47]
GOATPARERA [12] vs. theRAFA (RAFAwon10CYGS) [22] -
«Ivan»[39] vs. rubbERR [7] – Chooper’s my boy.
Everko [5] vs. Byrd [27] – Everko is another one of my boys. What a charmer. That 'Mt. Clown' picture was legendary:

He drew a mouth and an eye for Byrd and then must have just thought to himself, fuck it, this is too much work. Nominating him for the popularity contest was a pleasure.

sawan66278 [11] vs. Foxy [24]
Black Adam [15] vs. MrChopin [20]
aloimeh [31] vs. Clydey [4] - Don't come home too soon.

l_mac [3] vs. nadalsharapova [29] – With Georgie out of the picture () there is no reason to vote for Linda.
Fahrenhajt [13] vs.safin-rules-no.1[19]
Bilbo [10] vs. tangerine_dream [21]
MalwareDie [28] vs. P. Antonius [8]

[6] Mellow Yellow vs. habibko [26] – There’s no way in hell I’m voting for Habberz. We Saudis stick together.
JolánGagó [9] vs. rocketassist[23] – Clydey or bust.
Tommy_Vercetti [16] vs. mediter [46] – Racist…hate-filled…and so forth…
Start da Game vs. Clay Death[2]

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