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Re: R3: 2009 ACC "The its. like that" 4th Round starting Tuesday 23:00 GMT (Voting Op

Burrow [1] vs. Raging Lamb [30] - lots of reasosns given already for muscle burro
prima donna [14] vs. munZe konZa [47] - seems the uncivilized version of ezekiel.
GOATPARERA [12] vs. theRAFA (RAFAwon10CYGS) [22] - dunno, both are the same to me
«Ivan»[39] vs. rubbERR [7]

Everko [5] vs. Byrd [27] -
sawan66278 [11] vs. Foxy [24] - puke material, pwned fair and square for his predictions before RG
Black Adam [15] vs. MrChopin [20] - abdominal adam gets this
aloimeh [31] vs. Clydey [4] - tough call, voting Cly for comedy reasons although he's one of the best posters in here

l_mac [3] vs. nadalsharapova [29] - you play against a twat Linda but still voting ya
Fahrenhajt [13] vs.safin-rules-no.1[19]
Bilbo [10] vs. tangerine_dream [21] - real deal bilbo
MalwareDie [28] vs. P. Antonius [8] - easy one for P. although he wont get my vote

[6] Mellow Yellow vs. habibko [26] - crybaby
JolánGagó [9] vs. rocketassist[23]
Tommy_Vercetti [16] vs. mediter [46]
Start da Game vs. Clay Death[2] - either give them both a vote or give them none, the only thing that changes in their posts is the punctuation. Apart from that it's just the same boring shit

Originally Posted by FormerRafaFan View Post
That will be the last victory of Rafa for quite some time.. With his joke mentality and pathetic game, I hope the disgusting player loses every single match next season. He's disgraceful. He should just retire. He's a joke.
Originally Posted by l_mac View Post
(10) Corey Feldman vs. (12) scarecrows

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