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Re: 2009 Piccies Thread!!!

Originally Posted by maryb View Post
Originally Posted by poulette View Post
art ?we all know he doesn't even know how to draw a circle.
Do we?

It's never stopped Tracey Emmin by the way. (That would be SO uncool to say in the art world ... so I'll say it). I have to hold my hands up and confess that I made a cheap joke about my Big Pixie painting a ceiling on tgfr when he was supposed to have said he'd like to paint. Who knows, he may have another talent. The measure shouldn't always be how good we are at something, but maybe now and again how much pleasure or satisfaction it can bring on a personal level.

Happy to look at his etchings though. LMAO.

That was cheap. And I think I AM having a mid-life crisis ... LMAO.


PS I really prefer him WITH hair ... cheap again. Like I care.
Mary, Tracey Emin? Love that bed of hers I think so too, being uncapable of some things shouldn't stop us from doing it if it makes us happy... I know a guy, Dan Keplinger, he had celebral palsy but he never let the disease take over him. He's a full-fledged painter who had an Oscar-winning documentary film featuring himself.

I wonder what Marat's hidden abilities are...

Originally Posted by justmarat View Post
Don't know about Big Yin's painting. However, I personally was impressed by his hand writing, quite neat to me.
I love the curves of his signature

BTW I saw some Russian porcelain artist, who made a porcelain tiger cub for Marat and other famous people as well. I'm not really sure though, article's Russian... Google translate didn't help so much...

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