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Re: Do The Mods Think They're Gods?

Originally Posted by prima donna View Post
Your perverse logic is demonstrated by such a statement. In short, you intend to suggest that conservative ideology ought to be muzzled in the name of political correctness, which is merely a conduit through which to impose your will upon others.

Political norms vary from country to country, therefore you come off as foolish in your attempt to tar my views as extreme.

Surely. After all, Stanford, NYU Law and Columbia Business do not offer academic opportunities comparable to those offered by elite institutes located in South America. Never mind years of catholic and boarding school, much less the time spent in three different countries.

Yes, between the two of us, the ruffian is I. You've proven my point by resorting to such infantile quarreling -- I am a husband and father, of what importance is your personal life to me ? I judge you only by the silly things which you are apt to spew on this forum, that is all.

Your academic "formation" is immaterial.
Originally Posted by prima donna View Post
Shall I prepare your bib and utensils as well ?
PD, you


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