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Re: Do The Mods Think They're Gods?

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
I started a serious thread pondering why no-one seemed interested in a terrorist attack that took place in the US, killing 13 people. I wondered if the fact that the attack was by a radical Islamist was the reason that people were avoiding the subject, much as the US authorities avoided raising red flags while this murderer was sending out obvious signals. Someone seems to think that wondering out loud about the PCness of MTF is not PC.

Is my thinking not politically correct? If some mod wants to delete such threads as unacceptable subjects for open discussion I wish he or she would step forward instead of hiding his/her shameful behaviour behind anonymity. Maybe I don't belong at MTF. Maybe the mods would just prefer that we all chatter about best asses and biggest bulges. Maybe I don't say ''fuck'' enough in my posts, thus not appearing to be of sufficient intellectual ability to be able to carry on a discussion at the desired MTF level of accomplishment.
It worries me that i only ever see you post about politics on a tennis forum, why dont you go to a specialist forum where you and thousands others can talk about these issues all day long, i have no idea why you would go on a tennis forum to talk about everything BUT tennis

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