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Re: 2009 Piccies Thread!!!

I only translated the interview, the article is just a bunch of crap. Even the interview, I don't think it's 100% original...I didn't buy the magazine, I wanted to, but after reading the article, I decided I'd rather not. Anyway, here's the rough translation:

DFF: Why do you choose to retire in China Open? (Actually a large number people in China, even some journalists, thought Marat was to retire in China Open “thanks to” the joint effort of the organizers and Chinese media.)

MS: Not exactly, it’ll just be a ceremony, I still have a few tournaments to play, I’ll retire at the end of the year.

DFF: Do you consider yourself a fighter? If you feel like losing a match, have you thought of giving up?

MS: I used to be, and I’m still fighting for victories. I won’t give up until the last moment. However, many times things just don’t go the way as I want them to.

MS: You used to be an athlete, so do you think winning is the most important thing in competition?

DFF: The goal of taking part in a competition is to win. Of course, I won’t feel too sad to lose if I have tried my best. Failures help me to have the power to defeat the opponents.

DFF: If it weren’t your mother, what will you probably be doing?

MS: Thank God she pushed me to play tennis so that I become who I am today, although I preferred football and hockey. But it’s hard to say what I’ll do if I didn’t play tennis.

DFF: You were sent to Spain to learn tennis at the age of 13, what was the life like, all by yourself? What has the country changed you?

MS: Actually it was 14. Though all alone in a foreign country, those days helped me to become who I am. Spain is a great country, people there are enthusiastic and easy going, so I can focus on tennis and did not get distracted. I got the enthusiastic and casual side of me from the people there.

DFF: Winter is long and cold in Russia. Such severe weather toughens one’s character, are you?

MS: It’s cold and vast, so sometimes it’s rather difficult to focus. Tough? Maybe.

MS: How about your 13?

DFF: I trained in the regional team of Guangdong Province then, I could only go home once a year.

DFF: I was a rhythmic gymnas player, do you like rhythmic gymnas?

MS: It seems nice, but I haven’t watched much. It’s popular in Russia, but China is even better in competence.

DFF: You become an icon in tennis because of your look, your achievements and special character, who do you think will be the next one?

MS: It’s hard to say, there’re various definitions of “Icon”. Since I am special, the next one will be special, too.

DFF: You’re known for rackets-breaking, can you remember how many you have broken?

MS: Not really, too many.

DFF: You had a lot of girlfriends, so I can say you are an experienced man regarding woman?

MS: (Laughter) I’m a man, of course I like woman.

DFF: What’s your favorite type of woman?

MS: Beautiful faces can’t last forever, women are beautiful only when they are special.

MS: what are the qualities you value most in men?

DFF: Tolerance, confidence and dignity.

MS: What’s your standard of man?

DFF: It’s too high to reach.

DFF: It’s said that you have been invited to the party of Playboy, twice. Have they told you why?

MS: Actually only once.

DFF: Some people said you went twice.

MS: That’s bullshit.

DFF: Have they told you why?

MS: Nothing special, I was in LA at that time, so a friend of mine invited me.

DFF: There’re many cover girls in bikinis in the party, what do you feel at the moment you
opened the door?

MS: Well, it was nice, it was a rare experience, very impressive.

DFF: A lot of women are attracted to you, but sometimes women bring troubles, how do you deal?

MS:I never thought women would bring troubles, it depends on how you treat them. I respect women.

MS: Sometimes men bring troubles, too

DFF: When two people love each other, troubles would be nothing.

DFF:Do you like taking risks?

MS: Depends on whether worth it.

MS: How about you?

DFF:I don’t like risks. I don’t like to take chances or to take advantages, just let it be.

DFF: Is life and love an adventure for you?

MS: It’s more of a gift, not adventure, but pleasure.

DFF: How do you enjoy yourself?

MS: I have many plans. After retirement, I’ll travel around the world. Though it’s impossible to enjoy freedom, I have to practice and do other things, I try my best to find the joy in life, the more important thing is to live the moment.
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