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Re: Do The Mods Think They're Gods?

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
I am not at all interested in those websites with all the rabid nuts on them.
what websites are you talking about? if you think MTF is an example of a website which does not have rabid nuts all over it, you and i have drastically different definitions of "rabid nut." From what i can tell most MTFers are uninformed or uninterested in the fort hood incident, as i tried to point out in your original thread.

Where is the fun in that? I guess what keeps me coming back is that these people would invariably describe themselves as liberal. I find that amusing.
So you don't really want any kind of meaningful discussion of the ft. hood shootings, you just want to argue about it with people who are significantly less informed than you, people who don't really know or understand the intricacies of the issue and prolly don't really have that much interest in it. Instead of seeking out people who might have some knowledge and insight on the matter, you stay on MTF and use dramatic statements (e.g., political correctness is destroying MTF) to engage the clueless and then laugh at their ignorance. Whatever floats your boat, dude

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
And you still keep repeating that it is strange to you that people want to discuss non-tennis subjects in a non-tennis forum. I guess I would find it strange if they did anything else.
I have assumed for a long time now that "Mens Tennis Forums" is a tennis forum (and it's not just the name, but the extensive discussions of tennis and tennis players that gave me this impression). You are now telling me that it is a "non-tennis forum." I confess this is the first time i've heard this and i am flummoxed. If it is not a tennis forum, then I guess that explains your determination, but it contains a bizarrely enormous amount of tennis discussion for a non-tennis forum.
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