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Re: Do The Mods Think They're Gods?

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
OK, but you did suggest that you would not expect to find a Fort Hood thread on a tennis forum.
in general, as a matter of common sense, i wouldn't expect to find a ft. hood thread on a tennis forum. I would not be surprised to find a ft. hood thread on this tennis forum cuz there are threads about all kinds of crazy shit on this tennis forum.

I don't know if that ever happened before.
yes it has. long ago Clydey started a thread about a graphic Japanese video game in which the object was to collect points by ****** women. Within a few posts the course of discussion had veered into Japanese- and Asian-bashing, e.g., Japanese people are sick, Asian culture is verkokt, etc. Presumably Clydey had not intended to start a Japanese- or Asian-bashing thread but this is what he got. The mods deleted it cuz, as I understood it, the inevitable outrage it was going to cause and the amount of monitoring and reporting it would require would substantially outweigh its contribution to a forum dedicated to men's tennis.

You suggest I walk away. That may happen, but first I would rather raise my voice in defense of the forum and try not have it destroyed by the kind of selective politically correct thinking that would silence just about everyone.
do you sincerely believe that not allowing a thread about fort hood will destroy this forum? your desire to talk about the ft hood shooting with MTFers puzzles me; your regard for the collective intellect and maturity of MTF is much higher than mine. If the powers that be summarily forbid all political discussion on MTF it would in no way "silence" me or diminish my enjoyment of MTF, and i suspect i'm not unique in that regard.
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