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Re: Do The Mods Think They're Gods?

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
You seem to be arguing that the non-tennis section should be removed and tennis fans interested in any other topic should go elsewhere.
i am most emphatically not arguing that anything should be removed, but since your ft. hood thread was removed (kinda unfairly, in my opinion, but i stopped checking on it after a while so i don't know what the hell was going on in there), i'm suggesting that instead of waging a futile campaign to have it reinstated here maybe you go elsewhere to discuss it. but if you are really determined to discuss ft. hood with demented tennis fans, ok, i don't know why you would want to do that, but go for it

So why do you even look at the threads there?
maybe we read this forum differently, i check to see where recent posts are and then read whatever looks interesting at the top of the list. i don't pay attention to what forum it's in but try to make sure i'm not in a player's forum if i'm about to say something nasty about him and that i'm not in GM if i want to say something about a match in progress. OK by you?
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