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Re: Do The Mods Think They're Gods?

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
Namely: a terrorist attack within the US is not the kind of thing we little, fun-loving MTFers should be concerned about. Better to think of the bigger issues, like Leyton Hewitt's dick size.
I don't think that was the point, initially. Your complaint and starting point of the the thread was that MTFers take more of an interest in the suicide of a German goalkeeper than in a US army psychiatrist shooting 13 people.

I'd just like to say that it's common as well as simply human to be more interested in the fate of a single person. Even more so, if this person "has a face". If s/he is known to people, if they can in some way relate to him or her. In this case, it was a goalkeeper. Outside of the football-crazy part of the world, it may difficult to understand just how important this sport is to people. And just how singular and disturbing an event the suicide of a successful, generally liked and respected player was. Someone who had a face, who was known to a lot of people. And therefore his suicide was a big shock for a lot of people.

You were far more shocked by the shooting. And you obviously had a problem with not more people sharing your shock and your view of that terrible incident. I may not share your interpretation of it. But I think the reason that thread turned ugly so very quickly is that people don't like to be told what they should care about and what not. Those are personal feelings, anyway. My criticism is not that you were much more affected by the shooting. But if you had for example started your thread, asking how other people saw that incident, instead of accusing MTF as a whole of having lopsided standards, then maybe it wouldn't have ended the way it did.
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