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Re: Do The Mods Think They're Gods?

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
Namely: a terrorist attack within the US is not the kind of thing we little, fun-loving MTFers should be concerned about. Better to think of the bigger issues, like Leyton Hewitt's dick size.
dude it's totally bogus that your thread got deleted but why do you think the ft. hood shooting is more appropriate for this forum than lleyton hewitt's dick? i'm guessing there are a bazillion websites/message boards/etc. out there where people are engaged in vigorous discussion of the ft. hood attack but this just doesn't happen to be one of them (in part precisely because it is one of few relatively few places where lleyton hewitt's dick size has any relevance). I wouldn't really expect to find a discussion of Ft. Hood on a cooking/fly-fishing/model railroad/derek jeter website either.

Also after wasting an embarrassing amount of my valuable time reading impassioned and terrifying evaluations of tennis player's girlfriends, I don't understand why you're so determined and eager to discuss anything of an even remotely serious or important nature with anyone on MTF.

And just cuz it's not a hot topic on MTF doesn't mean nobody here cares about it. There are lots of places, in The Real World and on the internets, where people discuss things that concern them, and this is the place to be if you are really concerned that Rafael Nadal's hideously ugly shorts are having a negative effect on his tennis.
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