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Re: Luis Horna's Power Room!!!!

This is a short interview that appeared in the Peruvian paper El Comercio where Gaudio talks about Lucho:


The Argentine player is a friend of Lucho´s, and the Peruvian´s victim in Acapulco 2006. Horna has announced that he will retire from tennis after the Lima Challenger.

- “Hey, Lucho”, he says affectionately, feints a hug and strokes his bald pate.
Gastón Gaudio and Luis Horna have been friends ever since the Peruvian started to train in Buenos Aires. The Gato - witness and victim of the Peruvian´s first title (Acapulco 2006) - says that he himself is in the final stages of his career, and that he would like to play with Lucho in his last match as a professional tennis player in the 2009 Lima Challenger.

How do you feel about Horna´s retirement?

- “As a tennis player I regret that Lucho is retiring because we´ve shared almost the whole of our careers, we´ve played against each other, we´ve had our battles, and it will be a great loss for the sport. But as a friend I´m pleased for him if he´s happy, and if he wants to be able to enjoy other things, being with his family, or being in Lima, it´s understandable”.

Do you recall any important duel with him?

- “We have more shared memories as friends than as tennis players. We haven´t played each other more than a couple of times. But we would dine out, for instance. He lived in Buenos Aires a long time because he trained there, and we have shared experiences as friends”.

Would you like to take part in his last match?

- “I´d love to play the final against him, it would be great”. (According to the draw they could face each other in semifinals).

At what stage in your career are you?

- “In the final stages”.

How many years do you have left?

- “I´ll see how I finish next year, and after that I´ll decide”.

What motivates you?

- “Every time I watch the tournaments where I´ve played all my life on TV, it makes me want to be there again”.

So would you like to relive Paris 2004?

- “No, I would like to be in France in 2010. To have won Roland Garros is priceless, but that´s in the past”.

So maybe we´ll see you there in 2010?

- “I´d like that, it´s motivating. I know it will be difficult, but now I have to work to get into the top 100, and then we´ll see”.
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