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Re: The poker thread

I am very disapointed with the winner Joe Cada. ESPN's coverage was good and they showed a lot of good hands. But once Ivey went out in 7th the whole broadcast turned into all in wars. Cada got lucky so many times. He should have went out in 6th after pushing with 3s against Shulman's Jacks. Cada was probably one of the worst players at that table and yet he walks away with the title.

This goes to show why a pro will not win anytime soon unless they change their approach. Both Ivey and Shulman played extremely conservative and they waited too long. Like Cunningham in 2006. The pros know they are the best at the table but they pride themselves too much on that and they do not play aggressively like the others do.

In 2004: Fossilman impressed with his domination of the table
In 2005: Hachem bided his time and went from the bottom to top impressively
In 2006: Gold produced probably the most impressive performance. His chip stack just continued to swell and he never had a misstep at the final table.
In 2007: Yang started 2nd to last on chips and got chips early. Then grabbed the table by the straps and dominated with aggresive play. Plus he completely owned Hilm who went into the table as the chip leader.
In 2008: Eastgate played tight for a long time and waited till the table was down to 5 to start making his move.

In 2009: Cada was not anywhere near the best. He made a lot of bad decisions and got lucky.

Ivey and Shulman were the best at the table, but they played to tightly to win. The player who played the best at this year's table was Sauot. Sauot played very well, making good reads after staring from the bottom. He also bluffed Ivey off of a hand in there. He got a sucker punch from Cada when 3 were left that ultimately was his crippling blow. Darvin Moon also played pretty poorly. Making way too many pre flop pushes. Steve Begleiter deserves and honorable mention as well, he played well too.

But I guess this is qhat TV does. The amount of hands shown was very few compared to the very many played. From what they showed me Cada should not have won.

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