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Re: Do The Mods Think They're Gods?

Guess which of the following affirmatives is correct:

a) Yes, we are Gods.
b) Mods are all communists.
c) Mods are all communists and anti-American. Wait, aren't these words synonymous?
d) CIA asked to delete the thread.
e) This mod deleted the thread because he thought it was a delicate issue.
f) This mod deleted the thread because it's a cloudy day here.
g) Migmatites and granulites are quaternary sedimentary rocks.
h) I don't know who is the "innucent" (check kostas thread for the meaning of the word).
i) You won't have an answer because you are behaving bad.
j) none of them is true, you'll have the answer later.
k) all of them are true, you have all the answers now.

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