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Re: Autumn 2009 - Indoor/Outdoor

Originally Posted by SixLoveSixLove View Post
I'd say he needs a quiet, studious coach-type, someone that can help him out with the tactical and confidence side of the game. I'd like to see him improve his net game too, but I don't see that happening at almost 28 years old
Courteau did talk a lot to Paulo in the training trying to persuade him, which is sharply compared with Norman when Paulo was training with Soderling. Norman was quiet, and almost said nothing during the training, but just felt he communicated well with Soderling by understanding with each other.

Net is one of the most difficult tecs to improve, which relies on the born talent and sense a lot. I saw Courteau specially trained Paulo's net, slice, lob a lot, both of them know where Paulo is weak at. But when playing in the matches, his net just back to the original

Originally Posted by SixLoveSixLove View Post
It's frustrating, I guess. I'm not expecting Paulo to be a multiple-slam winner or anything, but I really feel that he has a masters, or a couple of runs to the latter stages at slams, in him. Seeing him come up just that little bit short each time, I wonder if the difference might have been a coach that was a better 'fit' for him.
Yes, he definitely should win much more, some bigger titles, deeper in the slams. I believe once he gets breakthrough in one tournament, such as beating some big player, and win some important matches, he can start stably winning more with big confidence, just like Soderling this year. His talent and tennis is there, and he can play pretty good tennis, just needs an occasion to break "that point", although that's not easy and needs some luck as well.
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