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Re: Autumn 2009 - Indoor/Outdoor

I like Wilander, I just always felt that his approach to tennis was different to Paulo's. And they seem like such different people. I just wasn't convinced that Mats (good a player as he was) was the sort of coach Paulo required to push him on a bit further and get the most out of him as a player.

I'd say he needs a quiet, studious coach-type, someone that can help him out with the tactical and confidence side of the game. I'd like to see him improve his net game too, but I don't see that happening at almost 28 years old

It's frustrating, I guess. I'm not expecting Paulo to be a multiple-slam winner or anything, but I really feel that he has a masters, or a couple of runs to the latter stages at slams, in him. Seeing him come up just that little bit short each time, I wonder if the difference might have been a coach that was a better 'fit' for him.

But, what do I know?
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