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Originally Posted by Ome View Post
I honestly am surprised...

that he sticks with Courteau until the end of the season

Time to hire me already, Paulo!

On a serious note, I have never liked the fact that he treats coaches like a tissue paper. Disposable. Changes can be good. But sometimes, it seems like an easy way out. It's like he's not taking responsibility for the results (And I know most people think that.)

I'd love for him to have a coach that can be tough on him. Someone who can push him more. That would be a nice change.
The problem for me with Courteau was, didn't he mention from the start that he might be coaching Golovin if she came back to the WTA, or something similar? (can't quite remember)

The idea of Paulo's coach having him as a sort of 'second choice' never sat well with me.

I'm not sure who would be a good match for him coaching-wise. I never thought Wilander was a good match of player/coach personality either.

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