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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Originally Posted by Har-Tru View Post
I still have no idea what you're talking about superslam.
I'll explain in a better way old sport.

1-Organized religion is manipulative/corrupted/plagiarized/unoriginal therefore "false".
2-We assume the premise that all abrahamic "gods" are false because they derive from organized religion.
3-Specific monotheistic "gods" are false or imaginary. just anthropocentric thought when we live in a complex universe, the thought of a unique entity controlling all existence is
4-I do accept there could be higher intelligence out there but this is not the means and end of anything.
5-If anything we could say "God" is everything, God is love, God is nature or the universe/multiverse but even then i've justified the use of "theWORD" god to promote subjective ideas or why "i'm still a theist" even though i know religion sucks.
6-People try to justify their deity by saying religion is different totally different from god but the concept is religious or derived from manipulative and delusional ideas in the first place.
7-I don't want to disrespect the general so i will end with a 7 and not a 6

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