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Originally Posted by maryb View Post
Just read a report in the Mail on Sunday about a lunch that Dasha had with Roman and 4 other people. The bill for a 79 minute lunch in an Italian restaurant in New York came to £29,000 apparently.

Putting aside the 'billionaire aspect', I find that appalling. Half the world starves ...

Extravagant displays of wealth are pretty vulgar. I would have thought she would have used her 'influence' on this occasion. A couple of hundred quid on lunch (if need be) ... and the rest to charity if £29k is pennies, so to speak.

£29,000 for a lunch? F***, am I missing something?

Gawd, I'm getting crabbit in my old age.

No, you're not. Even if you run in very wealthy circles, it's shameful to spend that much money on a meal with a small group of people. Sure, you might argue that the waiters got extravagant tips, and that it's good for the faltering economy in the wider sense, but that meal leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

I don't like or dislike Dasha, but her involvement with a man like Abramovich shows me that, whatever your opinion of her beauty or personality, her values were not compatible with Marat's. I know I'm writing as if I know them personally, but Marat's interviews make him sound as if he is thoughtful and humble towards his wealth.
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