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Re: Back...for now.

Originally Posted by ad-out View Post
Burrow - just curious why did she agree to be your "friend" if you don't know here at all?? I want to be her friend too. Does she have any photos with Marat??
On the Facebook front, I've just signed up to this - only so that I can look at some family photographs. My fairy godmother asked me last week if I was actually using Facebook now that I'd opened the account. I don't want to tell the world that I've just farted after a plate of brussel sprouts (pphhtttt.... oops, sorry about that again) and told her so. I have dignity ... aye, right. Every nutter that I don't know wants to be my friend. 'Nut, beat it!' The dignified, but firm, Scottish response. I'm in a huff and refusing to post on my wall now. There'a a rather nice pic of the Big Yin on it ... a kind of quasi-Liberace-look where he is shirtless and looks as if he is wearing a rather fetching bouffant wig ... I think I need to get out more.

Why do so many people want to tell the world what they have just done in the last 5 minutes ... particularly when you couldn't give a toss about insignificant mince? Or is that just me being crabbit again and showing my age?

Answers on a postcard ... not my wall please ... you're barred.

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