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Re: Back...for now.

Originally Posted by maryb View Post
Just read a report in the Mail on Sunday about a lunch that Dasha had with Roman and 4 other people. The bill for a 79 minute lunch in an Italian restaurant in New York came to £29,000 apparently.

Putting aside the 'billionaire aspect', I find that appalling. Half the world starves ...

Extravagant displays of wealth are pretty vulgar. I would have thought she would have used her 'influence' on this occasion. A couple of hundred quid on lunch (if need be) ... and the rest to charity if £29k is pennies, so to speak.

£29,000 for a lunch? F***, am I missing something?

Gawd, I'm getting crabbit in my old age.

29k, f**k me...

And I thought I was being ripped off paying 3 quid for a subway roll

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...was properly educated by my parents, so i think before i write something stupid
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I knew I was going to regret, reading inside.
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Weren't you just pestering another guy about his grammar, not so long ago?
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And your problem with my grammar is?
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