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Re: In the Spotlight - You!

1) What caused you to join MTF?
I was googling around and found a thread here with some hilarious posts. I decided to join, because I wanted to have people to talk tennis with, that I could learn from. I don't have many tennis enthusiasts around me normally.

2) Which are your favorite tennis players and why do you like them?
Robin Soderling - He isn't always behaving politically correct but he's not really mean, he's just a no bullshit kind of guy... and I appreciate that. Then he messed up Nadal in RG, which just made me like him even more. And since then his game's become even better. I like his aggressive, powerful playing style. Always have a great time watching him.
Roger Federer - Because of his grace on the court. Looks like he's dancing out there. He masters every aspect of the game. It's simply a privilege to be able to see the greatest player that has ever lived in action.

3) What are your 10 favorite songs?
Whoa... It's not like I have a top 100 music list xD. Well, I'll just name 10 songs that I really like.
Switchfoot - Dare you to move
Evanescence - Bring me to life
Delirious - Deeper
30 seconds to mars - From yesterday
Janne da Arc - Gekkouka
Jason Mraz - Wordplay
3 doors down - Kryptonite
The Fray - How to save a life
Quiet Drive - Rise from the ashes
Rascal Flatts - Life is a highway

4) What is your philosophy of life in general?
There is a God, who can give your life purpose.

5) What are your best and worst traits?
Best: Smart, funny, good-hearted.
Worst: Rebellious.

6) If you had to recommend a book(s) and a movie(s) to other people, which would they be?
Uh, I could go on forever on this one. Let's settle for one movie and one book.
Movie: The Matrix (1999).
Book: War of the Flowers by Tad Williams.

7) What would you have written in your epitaph?
"Beloved husband, father and grandfather
He died happily without regrets."

8) Which other sports besides tennis are you a fan of?
I like MANY sports, but I'll name 2 here...
Soccer. Played it all my life, though having a break right now.
Squash =D. I just started practicing that in a club.

9) What countries would you like to visit and why?
New Zeeland: Love the nature and the dialect. Also, people there seem nice.
Australia: Same reasons.
Japan: Interesting culture. Also like the language.
USA: Well, it's just a country you SHOULD have visited before you die. (And I'm GOING to, in April. LA for 2 weeks =D)

10) If you had one piece of advice to give to others, what would it be?
I'll try not to sound too clichéd here... check for yourself if God exists or not, and keep an open mind. That really is my life advice.

11) Which are your favorite quotes?
Argh, all I can come up with are movie lines I really like. How pathetic is that. I don't really have a quote that has affected my life... so I'll just skip this one.

12) What is that you most love and hate?
Love: The night sky, God, playing guitar, laughing, my family & friends...
Hate: Spiders. And malfunctioning computers.

January 8th 2017:

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Exhorer Semiretirer is back

Tea of truth:

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It is Fabio's world and we are all just living in it
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We should be appreciative of Federer though, because we will never see anything like him again. The fact he can still compete for slams ever after the erosion of his physical skills is really a greater testament to the natural talent he has than the period of time when he was dominating the tour.
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