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Originally Posted by icedevil0289 View Post
hey karin Not much, just anxiously waiting my teacher's reply to my email. I had a midterm this saturday, but I was spent the entire morning basically throwing up so I missed it, and I sent him an email explaining my situation, hoping I can take a makeup. He hasn't replied yet. I hope he says I can make it up, other wise I'll have to join the circus.
That sucks. These teachers can be so inconsiderate when it comes to just decently ANSWER the emails they get. I once had a likewise experience, not nice at all.

oh yeah, going to saw 6 tonight.
Heee.... never knew you liked that kind of stuff... Have fun!

how are you?
Good, procrastinating on my review writing right now, and the like. In other words: business as usual.

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Am I still alive? I'm still f*cking ... Here...!"

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