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Re: Week 43: São Paulo, Brazil [Qualifying & Main Draw]

I went to the tournament today, some notes I'd like to share:

-Zampieri vs Poerschke was mainly ballbashing, but good points in it. Caio showed again he has a good game and could be higher ranked but sometimes he complains to much with himself and this definetely doesn't help.

-Dutra da Silva vs Alund was a very thight match with both players fighting a lot, points were long and there was some comedy in it as well. Antics going all the way out there, each player was celebrating too much and the other one usually looked laughing ironically. At some point Alund said something and Rogério answered with "que pasa loco? que pasa? fala pra mim" ("what's up man? what's up? talk to me". Then Alund wanted to get some vamos back to the Brazilian and celebrated like a win after a DF. Rogério answered with one "que papelón!" (don't know how to translate this to English, "what a joke" maybe). He played the last 2 games better and got the win.

-Hormazabal always had the control against Romboli, first time I see the Chilean and I liked him, such a strong player with powerful shots and not many unforced errors. Romboli didn't play bad and it's worth saying the guy never gave up even knowing he probably wouldn't beat the better player, such a fighter and that's always good to see. Also he is much better now than in the other 2 times I watched him playing (2007 and 2008).

-Zampieri vs Tavares was a cool match, first time I see the Portuguese playing and I liked it, he surely knows how to do drop shots. He had a 3-1 lead in the first but Caio won 5 straight games to clinch the set. Second set was pretty even without a break and it went to Caio's side in the end. The Brazilian's backhand is efficient when it's on, it's a shame he gets to angry with himself sometimes and loses it constantly.

Final round results were:

Dutra da Silva d. Alund 7-6 4-6 6-3
Hormazabal d. Romboli 6-3 6-2
Zampieri d. Tavares 6-3 7-6
Michon d. Olaso 6-1 7-5

Videos will come later today
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