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Re: The "Where did the Tursunmaniacs go?" chat thread

Originally Posted by tedlesurfeur View Post
Yeah, I knew this picture because of Misha at first. Despite my avatar, my player is Mikhail Youzhny. I'm ok with having a picture of Dima, because I like his personality, and he's friends with Misha.

Today's lesson.

Ted (adressing his pupils) : Look, this is a "stuffed toy".
Pupil A : Teacher? On the document, it's written "plushie".
Ted : oh yeah, that's because the scene takes place in Australia.
Pupil B : Teacher? In the book, it's written "cuddly toy"
Ted: Oh yeah? Oh true! That's the british version of a stuffed animal.
Pupic C: a stuffed "animal"? But you said stuffed "toy" earlier on.
Ted: Well it can be an animal sometimes.
Pupic D : so, what shall we use?
Ted : **** it ! ^^


Originally Posted by tedlesurfeur View Post
Rosie, I decided to re-design your signature. Here's the brand new one

someone's craving for attention again

Originally Posted by Mrs. Fabregas View Post
What is that with everyone having surgery in here ... new trend? Lemme see .... what do i want to get done

Yup, me missed you, you me too ? And i didn't reigned too well here, since i dissapeared as well.
bad bad bad trend!!!!!
Originally Posted by camilia View Post
I had 4 surgeries and hopefully no more, I used to think I'm cursed but it seems I'm not the only one
maybe it's smthing with this forum

Originally Posted by *Ljubica* View Post

Also jhappy, Hamdanie, and Camilia
didn't you miss someone ?

OMG it's so animated again!!!

"Fear destroys minds. I'll face my fear and let it pass through me."

Originally Posted by musefanatic
Well you're welcome to share me bed with me

Originally Posted by Huff
Do look, imperial shadow - the Romanian nation,
At Dana, Miru, Iza, your mighty progenies,
With racquets like steel and hearts of fire impetuous,
It's either "Win this match or f**k off!"
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