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Need advice on killing short high balls

This is a shot thats missing from my arsenal and its killing me. Generically I have really good ground strokes, a good serve and volley game and some speed. I feel I should be a lot better than my results. The problem is the second I play a good retriever type or moonballer, I get him moving all over the court and invariably he ends up giving me a desperation short ball that drops inside the service line. Achilles heel at that point, b/c I no longer have the capability of hurting him and instead often end up either getting a UE or getting passed.

My problem is that unless I get too it before it drops and hit a volley (which I can put away easily), at that point im in trouble. If its low, I can angle it away, but then that shot has no pace and not much spin and the guy will get to it. If its high, I don't have the capability of killing it or I miss badly.

Watching the pros play, they seem to take those shots with a lot of wrist action and generically end the point nearly everytime without breaking a sweat. But I rarely trained these shots in highschool when I actually had teachers and im clearly doing something wrong technically.

I've seen people respond all over the map on this one. Sometimes you are supposed to move through it. Others say stop and then hit. Some say short backswing, no wrist. Others say change grips and torque the wrist.

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