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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Originally Posted by Clydey View Post
I didn't say that it proved anything, nor did I intend it to. The point is that atheists believe in evidence and reason. Smarter people value reason above blind faith, generally speaking.

And Einstein was not an atheist, but he was certainly not a theist. He was a deist in a time before evolution was widely accepted and before we knew more about the laws of nature. He had nothing but contempt for the notion of a personal God and referred to people like you as "naive" for clinging to childish superstitions.

He was a man of reason. Don't ever pretend that he believed in God. He made it clear that he didn't. As we've come to know more about the world, the number of top intellectuals who are theists has dwindled. People like Isaac Newton were theists in a time before atheism was intellectually viable. That applies to Einstein, too. Atheism was about as popular as communism before evolution was accepted.

By the way, that third quote is disputed. Nice try, though.
well those who value reason don't always end up being atheists now do they? and there is no clearer example than Einstein himself, the reason is atheism doesn't explain anything really, it brings more questions than solve them.

Einstein might not have believed in a personal God, but he believed in an intelligent design behind this universe, he didn't specify what shape or form this God took (and rightly so, because there is no way we can tell), but he firmly believed that this universe with all its complexity didn't come out of nothing or was just there all the time, that's what true objective intellegent reason will bring you to.

afterwards there are leaps of faith that you can take like Kierkegaard or Habib...

Originally Posted by Clydey View Post
There you go, Habib. You're a sad liar, mate. Rather than admit that he was neither a theist nor an atheist, you tried to pretend he was a theist.
Originally Posted by Clydey View Post
That 4th quote is disputed. Habib wants people to think that Einstein believed in a personal God.
WTF?! where did I pretend he is theist? I was clearly stating that he was not an atheist all the time, where did I say he was a theist, and you call me a liar now? wow.

and how disputed?

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“The goal, when I took my break of six months, was doing this for the next couple years, not just for one tournament, I understand people who say, ‘Oh, this would be a perfect moment to go.’ But I feel like I’ve put in so much work, and I love it so much, and I still have so much in the tank.”

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