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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Originally Posted by habibko View Post
if you want to argue that the top intellectuals are atheists is a credit to atheism, then you should accept that the top intellectual we know of wasn't an atheist therefore taking credit off it.

and as I said, there are many outstanding intellectuals who lived/are living and are also theists, so it doesn't prove anything.
I didn't say that it proved anything, nor did I intend it to. The point is that atheists believe in evidence and reason. Smarter people value reason above blind faith, generally speaking.

And Einstein was not an atheist, but he was certainly not a theist. He was a deist in a time before evolution was widely accepted and before we knew more about the laws of nature. He had nothing but contempt for the notion of a personal God and referred to people like you as "naive" for clinging to childish superstitions.

He was a man of reason. Don't ever pretend that he believed in God. He made it clear that he didn't. As we've come to know more about the world, the number of top intellectuals who are theists has dwindled. People like Isaac Newton were theists in a time before atheism was intellectually viable. That applies to Einstein, too. Atheism was about as popular as communism before evolution was accepted.

By the way, that third quote is disputed. Nice try, though.

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