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Re: Do You Believe In A "God"?

Originally Posted by Clydey View Post
He didn't like the term. He was closer to an atheist than a theist. He didn't believe in any sort of supreme being. He is most often described as a deist. I can provide a mountain of quotes in which he rubbishes theism.
Originally Posted by Albert Einstein
"In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views."
Originally Posted by Albert Einstein
"I'm not an atheist. I don't think I can call myself a pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn't know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see the universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws."
if you want to argue that the top intellectuals are atheists is a credit to atheism, then you should accept that the top intellectual we know of wasn't an atheist therefore taking credit off it.

and as I said, there are many outstanding intellectuals who lived/are living and are also theists or at least not atheists like Einstein, so it doesn't prove anything.

Originally Posted by Roger Federer View Post
“The goal, when I took my break of six months, was doing this for the next couple years, not just for one tournament, I understand people who say, ‘Oh, this would be a perfect moment to go.’ But I feel like I’ve put in so much work, and I love it so much, and I still have so much in the tank.”
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