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Re: Bleeding from the anus

I remember you talking about your 'roids a while ago. You should really go to the doctor if you've still got them. You probably aren't eating a diet full of roughage and fiber. If you improve your diet a lot, that usually helps them to heal. Also, are you reading on the toilet at all? Playing with your cell phone while you poop? STOP! Do absolutely nothing on the toilet but poop. If you don't poo after sitting down for 15 seconds, get up and leave. The number one cause of 'roids is people reading on the toilet and/or straining too much.

Just wondering, you didn't eat a bunch of beats recently, did you? When you eat beats, your poo becomes red and it looks like blood.

In any case, go to a doctor. You could have an anal fissure, colon cancer, seriously inflamed 'roids that require surgery, or something else equally bad. Anal bleeding is usually pretty serious.
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