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Hey, where did you get this picture?You could give us a link, no?
I just found today this new interview of Mario in magazine Gloria, it's here:

And he basically (at least in that interview) didn't say he broke up with Doris Goleš, he just awoided aswering the questions and talking about their relationship saying "I don't have anything to say about that".
So...where did you get he doesn't have a gf anymore?

Translation of the interview:

Did American doctors confirme suspicions of Croatian counterparts, who in March assumed that there's a word of mononucleosis again?
- The most important news is that I can return, without fear, one hundred percent to tennis. According to recent findings, I'm completely healthy. This clinic is, indeed, one of the best in the world. It is the place where, for example, American football player Tom Brady, husband of model Gisele Bundchen, cured his injuries.

How do you feel now?
- For a long time I have no problems. I am full of strength, physically and mentally. I have this summer, after a long time, fairly rested. Basically, I went with a company of friends around our coast side, I've read books, sailed ... what are my favorite things to do in the summer.

Do you live alone in Zagreb?
- Yes. I got my own apartment, and my parents often come to visit.

You live in your own apartment, you have a job as a law intern... do you plan wedding too, maybe?
- No way! That has not even crossed my mind yet.

And what does your longtime girlfriend Doris Goles say about that? How is that relationship working now since you don't live in Split anyomore? (*my note: what stupid question, since Doris is more in Zagreb then in Split, cause she is studying Pharmacy in Zagreb)
- I have nothing to say about that.

Does this mean that your relationship does not "bloom roses" anymore? (*croatian term : meaning does this mean everything is not great in you relationship anymore?)
- Currently, the most important thing for me is to get back to tennis in great style. And that is all I desire now with all my heart. And, of course, that I stay healthy.

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