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Re: The "Where did the Tursunmaniacs go?" chat thread

Originally Posted by jhappy View Post
Did something very stupid today... did my statistics homework and thought I'd done everything correctly. Nope. I switched every 2 for 5 and 6 for 9, vice versa. So my professor made an example of me in front of 100 people. Way to boost my self-esteem! I wonder if there's a such thing as numerical dyslexia- cause I'm a textbook case of that!
that story made me want to post...normally I only lurk;
actually there is sthg called "dyscalculia" ( ) but sometimes it's basically bout daydreaming/tiredness/etc. cheer up and don't worry, most important is that in fact you DO know how to cope with statistics - which is a rare gift
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