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Re: The "Where did the Tursunmaniacs go?" chat thread

Originally Posted by *Ljubica* View Post
That's because I'd already said it in a previous post But if it makes you feel happier - these are for especially for you.................

:wavey :hug :wavey :hug :wavey :hug :wavey :hug :wavey :hug :wavey :hug :wavey
That makes me very happy, hun (you do understand that i had to edit them a bit, due to the stupid smiley limit here, don't you ) ... Am btw still waiting for that email you pwomised , but me is a patient girl

Originally Posted by tedlesurfeur View Post
Today's lesson.

Ted (adressing his pupils) : Look, this is a "stuffed toy".
Pupil A : Teacher? On the document, it's written "plushie".
Ted : oh yeah, that's because the scene takes place in Australia.
Pupil B : Teacher? In the book, it's written "cuddly toy"
Ted: Oh yeah? Oh true! That's the british version of a stuffed animal.
Pupic C: a stuffed "animal"? But you said stuffed "toy" earlier on.
Ted: Well it can be an animal sometimes.
Pupic D : so, what shall we use?
Ted : **** it ! ^^

Awww, Poor Teddie and his students , don't you just love them (the kids, Ted, not you )

Originally Posted by tedlesurfeur View Post
Rosie, I decided to re-design your signature. Here's the brand new one :angel

People will betray your secrets, your friendship and your love. But Ted will never deceive you. If you love him, he loves you back - Brigitte Bardot.

:worship SUPPORTING TED :worship


:cat The more I see of people, the more I love Ted :cat

Congratulations to Ted and Jhappy - both thread leaders in October 2009


But, uhm... rosie ... like you already said, stick to your original one

Originally Posted by camilia View Post
I'm still alive

Why does that word "teacher" follow me everywhere
Good to hear you're still alive and ur ghost isn't writing here (forgive me for my "humour", but am in a bit of a lame mood atm) ... RU a teacher too btw??
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