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Re: The Chat Thread: Part 2

Originally Posted by mimi View Post
its a bit too skinny for a St. Bernard
Not all St. bernards are big and fat

Oh god, the guide said this is a very big and famous "Aletsch Glacier", so you can see, we were being cheated, the glacier is not big
May be the global warming shrink the glacier a lot. From the way you dressed, it's not the cold when you're that close to the glacier. If you want to see really BIG glaciers, join a tour visiting the Rockies in Canada. The Columbia Icefield is the best to see the glaciers. You can only go up there in the summer and even in August, it's freezing up there. I first visit the Icefield in 1984 and the foot of the icefield is close to the highway. Now, after driving further up where the new parking lot is, you still have to walk a long way to reach the foot.

she is the one in red, posing with her arm on the wrist, she posed normally in this photo, while in many photos, she posed with strange poses like 陳寶珠
陳寶珠IS COMING!!!!!
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