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Re: In the Spotlight - You!

1) What caused you to join MTF?

I was never a big fan of internet forums but then I tried to give a go to a tennis forum since its the sport i play fairly well since as a kid, altough I was not watching much in recent years.

2) Which are your favorite tennis players and why do you like them?

I like Söderling since 2006 when he defeated Brazil in DC.
Powerful player with a shy personality.
Other players I like Mardy Fish (I like his style), Grosjean (I liked to watch his matches 5-10 years ago), Guga (made me start playing).

3) What are your 10 favorite songs?

The Cure- One Hundred Years
Muse- Hate this and I will Love You
Syd Barrett- Late Night
Jamie Cullum- All at the Sea
Milton Nascimento- Cais
Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing
Chopin- Ballade nr.1
Rachmaninov- Piano Concerto nr.3
some others...

4) What is your philosophy of life in general?

Enjoy the people who think like you, respect the others.

5) What are your best and worst traits?

I´m sincere.
I´m shy and prefer to be off spotlight in real life.

6) If you had to reccomend a book(s) and a movie(s) to other people, which would they be?

Book- The Citadel, A.J.Cronin, first serious book I read.
Movie-Big Fish, to relax.

7) What would you have written in your epitaph?

Never forget to feed your Vestal flame.

8) Which other sports besides tennis are you a fan of?

Football and Hockey.

9) What countries would you like to visit and why?

At the moment, no one.
I feel I still has a lot of things to do here in Brazil.

10) If you had one piece of advice to give to others, what would it be?

Carpe Diem.

11) Which are your favorite quotes?

"Theres no dark side of moon, really. As a matter of fact its all dark."

12) What is that you most love and hate?

Love when true emotions echo by, hate when people are sensibleless.


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