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Re: Indoor Season 2009 Autumn Version

Thierry and Arno were better than expected in doubles, especially the second set. They had some pretty good points, but sadly it was not enough to win.
And this match too, Arno only discussed one or two times with the umpire, but he even smiled a lineswoman in the beginning of the match.

They had to start earlier, because Bohli twisted his ankle and retired. My sister and I walked on court, we saw Arno watching, he said hi, we asked him what happened with Bohli. But there was no more time for conversation... Arno left to prepare for his match. After the match we didn't have a chance to talk to Arno, as I said, they can leave the court without having to pass the audience, so no opportunity to get to them. We discovered we could've waited at the cars, but that was too late. Gicquel and Mahut told us Arno already left.
Didn't know Mahut was so easy to talk to! And his English is impressive!
We went up to him talking in English, then he asked in French if we could speak French. Obviously not, so he went on in English, asking where we were from and for how long we were there. Then when I wanted to ask him for Irina about Lagardere, it started raining really heavy again and he ran to the car, so no more time for that.
It heavily rained the whole day, at some point the drivers of the official cars drove right over the sidewalk up to the players entrance. If they had to walk those few meters, they would've been soaked. And then we come back in NL after 3 days of rain to find out that a part of the train station and some parts in town flooded. As if we hadn't seen enough rain.

edit: Here's my best picture of the doubles match.
Don't know when the rest will be added, I still have tons of pics to edit and upload. Photoshop crashed and other editing programs don't have the same batch editing options. I don't really feel like editing them one by one if they just need resizing.

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