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Re: Stupid Dream's PROG ROCK thread!

Originally Posted by Arkulari View Post
hey, don't worry, YouTube has become increasingly annoying with their copyright policies, I understand the fact that they can't broadcast a whole movie that is in theaters right now, but a video taken by a fan? :retard: :retard: :retard:

next thing you know there will only be the vids of the fall of the lolcat of the day, the viral vid of the day and the trailer that the studios think has to go in there :retard:
All too true!
But these weren't fan vids, but from an official release. Apparently the :retard: Suits still didn't get the fact that the BEST way to support an 'underground' band is to showcase them on the net. And even more apparently, somehow, somewhere, someone busted them folks, as of now, all of Mr. S.W.'s gorgeous vids are available for anyone to watch again!

The 'Suits' even busted my OWN personal crappy vids.

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