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Originally Posted by Jessyka View Post
Extract from Las Vegas Review Journal:

On Saturday, looking very in-shape, she wore a floor-length, shoulder-bearing, silk evening dress (as a woman described it).

To me, the outfit looked elegantly animalistic, black-and-white. Agassi picked it out.

"It's his taste," she told me with a smile.


"I can't help myself," he said, eyeing her.

"I gravitated to it. There's something primal going on."
Steffi brings out the "caveman" in him! !!!! The dress is stunning. I had a feeling when I first saw it that Andre had input in choosing it. They've said in the past that Steffi and Andre both like to have input in each others cloths.

Nice to read that they're still hugging and kissing after 10 years -- and next month -- 8 years of marriage!! It's a beautiful thing.

I will start a book thread. I LOVE that Andre is doing a book signing at Costco -- a place where his fans can buy the book for less!! I just love this guy.
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