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Challengers Challenge #18, congrats to chowdahead25 !!!


About Challengers Challenge

Challengers Challenge is the MTF game made especially for those members who like following ATP Challengers during the whole season. If you're one of them (or just wanna be one ), try this game! The first installment which started in the summer of 2007 was a success, and 2008 was a succesful full season.

How to play

The game is very simple. It's a game of predicting champions, finalists and semi-finalists of challengers tournaments. As soon as the main draw of each tournament is out, each player will predict the champion, runner-up, and semi-finalists of each half of the draw.


Champion correct: 200 points
Finalist correct: 150 points
Semi-finalist correct: 100 points

The scoring points will be cumulative. So, if you get the four semi-finalists right, the two finalists right and also the correct champion, you'll get 900 points. But if you do this, and you'll receive 100 additional points for a total of 1000 points!

BACK-UP PICK - In each tournament of the week, players are allowed to make a back-up pick. If one of the predicted players for the SF, F and Champion withdraws and not entered into the main draw, the back-up is used. IF NONE OF THE PREDICTED PLAYERS WITHDRAW, THE BACK-UP IS NOT USED AND YOU DON'T EARN ANY POINTS FOR IT!

Here's an example on how to predict:

SF: Hernych, Gabashvili, Ramirez-Hidalgo, C. Rochus
F: Hernych, Ramirez-Hidalgo
W: Ramirez-Hidalgo
BU: Greul


TT Singles Year-End Rankings:
2014: 50
2012: 98 (W: Bucharest)
2011: 65
2010: 34 (W: Memphis)
2009: 61
2008: 63

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