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Re: Juan - Girlfriend??

aww come on now girls you knew it had to happen eventually lol

i do like the fact that in every article i've read about it it says that he relentlessly persued her for ages before she finally gave in and went out to dinner with him...thats kind of sweet.

but that last part about the rugby player she was says they broke up because of distance, he being away a lot for would think then that going with another sports person wouldnt be a good move? speacially a tennis player there probably more busy then most like 10-11monts out of the year they play. but i suppose they both live in the same place, maybe she could become the new mirka? follow him everywhere? lol i hope shes more like rafas GF she doesnt always travel with him, and appears to have a seperate life, but they always look so happy when there together

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