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Re: Gambling confession

I have short story in Gambling. I started with medium capital size. I was 3 or 4 times on all in bets at odds around 2 mainly which saved my balls. In the last 2 weeks i made absolutely tons, I won a lot of big bets and Ive know almost reached the point were my initial capital went to x10. (x9.8 right now).

I know this is a lucky streak and it might all end.

Out of tennis gambling, I used to be a roulette fanatic. I used to lose a lot of money each weekend, till one day I had apparently found the correct strategy () and i won like 3k in less than one week. (I went to the casino right away from uni every day ).

Then in few days I lost it all playing the same strategy, as expected. I hope i dont get screwed like that in sport gambling.

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