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I just bought a Head Titanium racquet 49.99$ can

I dont really have any knowledge in racquets and I bought this racquet unfortunatly the tape is fucked up so I will bring her back at the store but what I want to know is that : I took a average size racquet because i'm not really into the oversize ones even if im a beginner , but a ''good beginner'' on the verge of becoming intermediaire maybe already one.This racquet seems to have less power than my last one which was a unknown old racquet , but the cords were tighter.

1.When you become better , do you need less power in your racquet because you already produce your own power or the better you get the more powerful a racquet you should bought ?

2.When the cords are tight the power is stronger , which is better tight or not? ( not talking about women duh lol )

3.This racquet seems to be a bit light , what does that mean for me ? It seems i would prefer a little bit heavier one but not sure why ...

Im just a little bit lost in all of that since my old racquet I cant even inter in any category.
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