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Re: Fedal Fans UNITE! :D

Originally Posted by kinski76 View Post
I commend you for yet another attempt to break down the barriers of hatred and hostility between the respective 'tard camps'

I feel I may have exhausted my insights on this subject, so I don't know how active I'll be, but you have my moral support. Keep fighting the good fight!
That's always nice to hear, A.
Have to admit I've given up on trying to separate the respective tard camps - it's irrefutable indeed. The only option left is starting one's own.

In closing, I'll just do some publicity for Chicaratamura's vid (hopefully she doesn't mind), surely one of the first of its kind. Maybe she'll see this thread, and join in

Ah, very nice. Bit too 'sappy' perhaps for the masses, but me doesn't mind that for a bit. Yeah, Chica was one of the first ever Fedal fans who raised her voice () but I don't think she ever dared set foot on MTF. Understandably so - most Fedal fans remain in hiding. Sad, though.

Originally Posted by MrsFedex View Post

Come on guys, tell us your secret...
Thanks Nat!

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