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Re: Fedal Fans UNITE! :D

Originally Posted by Stupid Dream View Post
Fangurlzism is welcome here. Fanboyism as well.

As for the gloryhunting, ah, well nothing lasts for ever eh. In a year or two, the mods will be happy to dump this thread in "Blast From The Past"...

But until then... .
Four years and counting!
I commend you for yet another attempt to break down the barriers of hatred and hostility between the respective 'tard camps'

I feel I may have exhausted my insights on this subject, so I don't know how active I'll be, but you have my moral support. Keep fighting the good fight!

In closing, I'll just do some publicity for Chicaratamura's vid (hopefully she doesn't mind), surely one of the first of its kind. Maybe she'll see this thread, and join in


Originally Posted by Trigger-happy mod

I deleted your avatar because it was extremely inappropriate and not appreciated.

R.I.P. Piip, my cheeky and fearless little ex-parrot.

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