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Re: Fedal Fans UNITE! :D

Originally Posted by MrsFedex View Post
oh Karin
Your welcome Nat... much more to follow.

BTW... I'd love to see your pictures but apart from one, all I get is


Originally Posted by tangerine_dream View Post
Perhaps not surprising that this was one of the last great masters final when they had best of five sets.
Well the best-of-five Masters finals went on up till the 2006 season (this match was from 2005) and fortunately Feds & Nads were so kind to grace us with one more: the Rome 2006 final, being the best match the two ever played imho.
Thanks Mr. Disney for this! ()

Originally Posted by kinski76 View Post
Gloryhunters and fangurlz. What is this world coming to?

Fangurlzism is welcome here. Fanboyism as well.

As for the gloryhunting, ah, well nothing lasts for ever eh. In a year or two, the mods will be happy to dump this thread in "Blast From The Past"...

But until then... .
Four years and counting!

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