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Frequently Asked Questions

Site Policies

Table of Contents

How to use: use the find command to search the code that is after the subtitle you are searching for. For example, to find the section on Spamming, search [BA07].

Ban Discussion / Appeal [BA01]
Banned Users Questions [BA02]
Termination of User Accounts [BA03]
Inappropriate Language [BA04]
YouTube Videos [BA05]
Acceptable Imagery [BA06]
Spamming [BA07]
Threads in Forums for Tennis Content [BA08]
Abuse of the reputation or private messaging (PM) system [BA09]
Multiple Accounts [BA10]
Custom User Titles [BA11]
Getty Images [BA12]
Avatars and Signatures [BA13]
IntelliTXT Ads [BA14]
Sharing Passwords [BA15]
Thread Size [BA16]
New Player Forums [BA17]
Changing Usernames [BA18]
How To Turn Off Automatic Thread Subscription [BA19]
Advertising Your Website [BA20]
Reputation [BA21]
Posting Privileges [BA22]

Ban Discussion / Appeal

If a user is banned, they now have the option to appeal that ban or discuss it with the mod team by contacting them at:

This should be used for no other reason that banned users to discuss their situation and the mod team's decision in each appeal case will be final. Spamming of the account by banned users is unacceptable and will lead to further sanctions.

Banned User Questions

For the purposes of transparency, there is thread listing currently temporarily banned posters and selected permanently banned posters, together with the infraction that led to the ban, in this thread

The administration team makes every effort to keep this regularly updated, minimum weekly.

Beyond this, it is extremely unlikely that anyone requesting more information on why another poster is banned will get more information.

The administration considers such matters to be between them, the banned poster involved and no one else.

That does not stop the involved poster from telling other posters or bringing it up when / if they return from a suspension. However you will only ever hear their side of the story and, as has been demonstrated numerous times before, when confronted with actual facts such stories invariably seem much less dramatic and less unjust.

Almost all posters that are banned permanently from the site have been approached by the moderators and asked to stop contravening forum rules prior to a final ban.

The moderation team have produced a list of the type of infractions that users may incur, the first and subsequent penalties for these infractions, and how many are permitted before a permanent ban of the user is the final outcome. These guidelines are followed by all the moderation team when deciding how to deal with behaviour that is contrary to site rules.

For more information on warnings, infractions and bans, see this thread

There is, however, scope for flexibility and discretion, when required. The guidelines are designed to cover most eventualities, but inevitably there are occasions and circumstances when the behaviour does not neatly fall into these guidelines. In these cases, discussions will take place within the moderation team about the appropriate course of action.

Premium members are subject to the same forum rules as any other member. They can be banned just like anyone else and this fact has been reiterated by the webmaster. We do give plenty of chances to posters that are well established, regular contributors to this forum to modify their posting / behaviour but, having said that, if someone is clearly disregarding polite requests, we do not waste time trying to convince with them with words beyond what is considered reasonable.

It should be stated loudly and clearly that the moderation team IN NO WAY exercises bias towards or against fans of ANY player with respect to infraction and ban decisions. Moderators have their player preferences like anybody else, but they are required to act with neutrality when dealing with rule-breaking by members of any fangroup. As a team, the moderators are fans of many different players, and any moderation decision which demonstrates bias would therefore be quickly picked up on by the other members of the team. Some users consistently wish to dispute moderation decisions with reference to supposed bias. In future, this will be considered a personal attack on the moderation team and will be dealt with accordingly.

The above is just some information about the banning process written mainly to alleviate poster concerns and confront some of the regular mistruths that are spread on the forum.

In the vast majority of cases, there is a clear, established and transparent route towards a permanent ban for users who consistently reject the forum rules, as per the warnings, infractions and bans as listed in this thread

In some exceptional cases, the administration team may decide that a user should be permanently banned from the site without requiring that user to have reached one via infractions, however, such cases are highly unusual and only after full discussion by the administration team.

One thing to reiterate is that a permanent ban is final. The only channel open for appeal is a direct email to the webmaster. Re-registering to cry injustice is not acceptable.

The webmaster can be contacted via email:

Kindly avoid disturbing him except when absolutely necessary as he covers multiple websites.

Posters cannot demand the return of a particular user and threads opened in such a manner to garner public support will have no effect other than for those threads to be closed or deleted, and the poster(s) in question to be subject to potential sanctions for forum disruption

As outlined above, we consider each case individually and carefully and a poster that gets banned will have been offered the warning signs. If they choose to ignore them then that is their choice and they do so at the risk of their account being terminated.

Termination of user accounts

If a poster wants their account to be inactivated / deleted / terminated etc, it is an option but the following steps should be followed.

Correct course of action is to contact an administrator or a super moderator via private message and with an explanation of why you want this to happen to your account.

A list of administrators and super moderators can be found here:

If you provide a valid reason, you will be asked to confirm that this is really what you want.

If you confirm this via private message with a good reason, then your account will be permanently banned without further discussion.

Please note the following:

  • Your posts will not be deleted or made to disappear - if you wish this to happen, you will have to delete them yourself prior to requesting an account termination.
  • Any personal information on display in your profile will remain - it is your responsibility to alter your profile before your account is banned so that you are unidentifiable.
  • We reserve the right to change your username or delete / edit your posts after your account is terminated should a reason to do so arise for example: another poster requests that username.
  • Once your account is terminated, you will not be permitted to open another one even at a later date if your wishes or circumstances change. If you attempt to do so at any stage, any new account will be terminated immediately and without explanation.
  • If you terminate your account and another user asks after your whereabouts, they will be told your account was terminated at your request.
  • We will not provide contact details or personal information for them to contact you so you will have to make sure that anyone you want to keep in touch with has your details already.
  • Premium or Lifetime Premium members will NOT be refunded in any way.

Therefore, you are advised to think very carefully before making such a request.

We will not re-open your old account at a later date because you changed your mind - if you simply want to take a break from this site then do so by exercising some willpower and not logging on.

Alternatively, change your password to something unrecognisable as you can always request a new password by emailing the webmaster ( ) should you change your mind and wish to return. It is worth noting though that, in that situation, you will need to have access to the email account you registered with as it is the chosen method of verifying your identity.

Please note that we will not issue limited suspensions at user's request.

To summarise, account termination is irreversible.

If you request it, you will have to accept the consequences of your actions should you change your mind at a later date.

Inappropriate Language

Due to the offensive impact of certain words, it has been decided that they will be filtered out of posts from this time forward. Such words will be replaced by a row of asterisks (*****). Users who find this happens to content in their posts should please find a less offensive way of expressing their feelings.

YouTube Videos

MTF has enabled the embedding of YouTube clips into posts for use by all members.

To use the function simply obtain the specific YouTube code assigned to a particular clip (e.g. zZRQEtAyiTM ) and surround the code with the "youtube" tag.

e.g {youtube}zZRQEtAyiTM{/youtube}

(But use [] instead of {} )


  • No YouTube clips allowed in member signatures as a courtesy to other members posting in this forum
  • No spamming of several clips within the one post
  • No posting of explicit or offensive material such as nudity, excessive violence, etc. Normal forum standards apply on video content posted.

Like normal posts, the content of the YouTube clips will be moderated therefore if members have concerns over clips that have been posted please use the report function to alert the moderator group.

Acceptable Imagery


Pornographic images or video are strictly prohibited on this site, including in jest. This includes links to pornographic websites, whether linked formally or not.

Posting of such material will result in posts being deleted and may also result in sanctions.

Any unlawful pictures posted will result in the webmaster and relevant authorities being informed.

The following guidelines are used by moderators when deciding what constitutes acceptable imagery regarding nudity or pornography:
  • On females, breast must not be fully exposed - no nipple. Vagina should be unexposed. Rear end is okay provided not too gratuitously exposed, for example, bent and/or spread. Solo or group poses should not be blatantly pornographic in nature.
  • Men - Chest is okay. Penis should not be exposed. When wearing tight shorts, underwear, or speedo, penis should not be blatantly and gratuitously visible, e.g. fully erect and outlined. Rear end is okay provided not too gratuitously exposed, for example, bent and/or spread. Solo or group poses should not be blatantly pornographic

Clearly, imagery can have vast variations and these are guidelines. On "borderline" cases, moderators will use best judgement in applying these guidelines, probably erring on the side of caution. This is, after all, a tennis forum, there are plenty of other places out there on the internet for that kind of material. These guidelines also cover other styles of imagery that clearly resemble adult or other graphic themes.

Disturbing or Graphic Images

Images or video that might be described as disturbing, graphic, or violent, have no place on this forum, even as a joke.

This includes imagery of serious physical violence, death, or other content that might be deemed, in general, highly disturbing or offensive.

Moderators will consider these on a case by case basis - any deemed to be in breach of this rule will be deleted, and the poster may be subject to sanctions as a result of posting it.

Moderators may need to revise and update these guidelines in future, if it should become necessary, to ensure that the forum is kept clean of unwanted and unacceptable imagery.


Spamming is considered any of the following actions:
  • Repeatedly posting threads or posts on the same topic in the same or different parts of the forum.
  • Repeatedly posting one word posts or smileys in threads as a clear attempt to increase your post count (eg. to qualify for entry to some of the forum games.)
  • Repeatedly posting advertising messages or using reputation / private message mediums for this purpose.
  • Repeatedly plugging your website where it is not relevant.
All of the above are considered unacceptable and are grounds for thread / post deletion, warnings, suspension and / or permanent banning from this site.

Threads in Forums for Tennis Content

Thread topics related to womens tennis or the WTA should be posted or discussed on which was primarily created for that purpose.

Any such topics started about womens tennis in any tennis-related forum will be removed without warning as they are noticed or reported, as will live-scoring of womens tennis matches in the GM livescoring thread.

Obviously we do not delete every comment about women's tennis but, if it's the main topic of conversation in a thread then the necessary action will be taken.

This does not apply to avatars or signatures.

Thread in Non-Tennis / Chat

A discussion thread is permitted in the Non-Tennis / Chat section of the site, of a similar nature to those of other non-tennis sports thread. Usual forum rules will apply.

Mixed Doubles

This may be discussed in the Doubles Forum section of General Messages.

Abuse of the reputation or private messaging (PM) system

Normal forum rules on user conduct apply to the private messaging and reputation systems. They will be treated as if the post was made as a public message, and the same sanctions will apply.

If you have been sent a PM that you believe breaks forum rules:

Please forward the PM to a supermod or admin so that they can be dealt with accordingly - please also take a screenshot of the original message and attach it, so the moderator can verify the contents have not been modified.

If you have been left a reputation that you believe breaks forum rules:

Report to supermods or admins by reporting one of the offending poster's posts. Alternatively, if said poster has no posts, you can send a PM to a supermod or admin.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts for the same individual are not permitted on and are grounds (potentially) for a permanent ban from this site.

The sanctions for abuse of the site via multiple accounts are detailed here

If it is discovered that multiple accounts are being used by:
  • the same user, or
  • a user that has access to the accounts of other separate users

in order to evade a ban, troll, cheat, skew, or otherwise impact the various games, contests and other activities which run on the site, the user(s) in question will be permanently banned from MTF.

Separate Users Posting from the Same Location

With regard to separate individuals posting from the same address / household, this is considered on a case by case basis and allowed only with the express prior permission of a super moderator or administrator.

Individual posters currently posting from the same address as other posters that have not already been granted permission already are advised to contact a super moderator or administrator via private message as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they risk their accounts being terminated.

Moderators will seek to determine the situation when it is clear that more than one person is posting from the same location, contacting the users concerned via PM. If no adequate response is received, moderators will terminate one or all accounts concerned without warning.

Who Should I Contact If I'm Not Sure?

Contact an administrator or super moderator

A list of super moderators and administrators can be found here:

Custom User Titles

Wording beneath a poster's username is called a user title.

For most posters this is set as 'senior member' after a set number of posts have been made by that individual (currently 100)

Changing user titles (ie. words beneath your user name) to a personalized setting is an option available to Lifetime Premium members, Premium members and certain other individuals that may have gotten the option for historical reasons.

To change your custom user title (if eligible)
  • Access User CP
  • Click on edit profile in the left hand column.
  • Halfway down the page (under optional information) is the option to enter a custom user title in the box.
  • Save the changes.

These are subject to the same forum rules as the rest of the site regarding taste, language, etc. They should also not be misleading - e.g. stating Banned! when you are not or implying an official position on the site, e.g moderator, when you are not.

Getty Images

Getty Images are very protective of their copyrighted property and have insisted that we not allow people to post OR ATTACH Getty Images, or images containing the Getty watermark.

Please note that Getty images are not to be posted in any forum.

This includes as avatars or in signatures.

They will be deleted without warning any time they are noticed by or drawn to a moderator's attention.

We request that poster that comes across a Getty image posted on any part of this board bring it to the attention of moderators via the report post function.

Avatars and Signatures

Premium members have larger avatars enabled

Premium members are also allowed to have pictures in their signatures.

Please observe these rules when changing your signature or avatar:
  • No bigger textsize than size 5 in signatures
  • Signatures not over 8 lines
  • Avatars not over 100kb for premium members

And for our premium members also:
  • No animated sigpics
  • Sigpics should not exceed a total height of 225 pixels
  • Sigpics should not exceed a total width of 600 pixels

If your signature or avatar does not match these rules, you will be asked to change it.

You may also be asked to change your signature for the other reasons, as follows:
  • Content breaks normal forum rules - e.g. abusive, language, personal attack on other user, baiting, etc.
  • Picture contains inappropriate content - e.g. porn, violent or offensive imagery
  • Content of signature as a whole is too large and takes up too much screen room.
  • Content implies a position of authority on the site that is inaccurate e.g. making your avatar a moderator badge.
or for other reasons at the discretion of the super moderators or administrators.

If you repeatedly or knowingly contravene the above restrictions, you risk your avatar / signature picture being removed without notice.

If you see a signature or avatar that is too big, feel free to report it using the report button.

IntelliTXT Ads

To disable IntelliTXT Ads:
  • Go to User CP
  • Edit Profile
  • Down at the bottom, ensure IntelliTXT Ads is set to Disabled
  • Save changes

Sharing Passwords

Users are advised not to allow other posters to access their accounts or know their passwords under any circumstances.

Users who ignore this advice do so at their own discretion, but also at their own risk.

YOU are responsible for what happens with your user account, even if action is taken by someone else because you have shared your login details.

If it is discovered that users are sharing account details in order to cheat, skew, or otherwise impact the various games, contests and other activities which run on the site, the users in question will be permanently banned from MTF.

In circumstances where users sharing account details take inappropriate actions, where it is unclear to the moderators who is responsible, no satisfactory explanation is received, or the moderators are unable to elucidate the circumstances surrounding the actions, the accounts involved are liable for suspension or permanent bans, depending on the severity of the situation.

Exceptions will not be made for people pleading ignorance, carelessness or alleging hacking where no satisfactory proof is available.

Thread Sizes

As of March 2009, all threads on this site with greater than 5000 replies in all forums will be closed and continuation threads created in an attempt to improve board speed / performance.

Threads with greater than 1000 replies in the non-tennis forum are moved to the chat threads forum unless special permission has been granted by the forum moderator.

Currently there are still a number of excessively large threads that have been impounded by the moderators because their usage was significantly degrading site performance.

The moderators are in the process of splitting these threads into fragments. They will be returned to the appropriate forum as and when this is completed, however this is a slow process.

New Player Forums

3 times a year, users will have the opportunity to nominate players to be given their own subforum in the Players forum.

This normally occurs:
  • Post Indian Wells & Miami - polling opened in late February / early March and closed mid April
  • Post Wimbledon - polling opened in mid June and closed at the end of July
  • Post Season - polling opened in mid November and closed at the end of the year.

Users are invited to create a thread in the Player Forum Requests subforum, that includes the name of the player for whom they seek a new forum to be created. Also add a poll to it. Then, of course, ask interested fellow fans to vote for your request if they are a fan of the same player, but please don't send spam-like messages.

The best chance for the request to be granted is:
  • if you are getting plenty of feedback in the poll, and
  • if the voting result reflects the activity in the already existing thread(s) of the player (example: 70 "yes" votes, but only two people posting about the player isn't very convincing), and
  • if the player happens to be a good outlook for the future in general.

Decisions around creating new player forums will be made by the moderation team, taking these things into account. Decisions are final, and if a player request is unsuccessful, the user is invited to re-submit the request at the next opportunity. As a general rule, the moderators will not create more than three new forums in any round of requests, but may do so if circumstances seem to warrant it.

Player Forum Request subforums are normally to be found in this forum

Changing Usernames

Username Change - Regular Members

Regular site members are entitled to change their usernames once and once only - so please be careful with your choice of name-change, you will be stuck with it!

Regular site members request a username change here: -the NAMECHANGE thread-

Username Change - Premium and Lifetime Premium Members

Premium and Lifetime Premium members are entitled to change their usernames once every 30 days

Premium site members request a username change in this thread

Guidelines on Usernames

Unless in exceptional circumstances, users will not be permitted to change their username to one which has recently been vacated by another user, or one which is liable to cause confusion for the other members due to similarity with that of an existing or recently vacated username - this will be decided on a case by case basis by the administrators and their decision is final.

Expletives or usernames deemed to be offensive to other posters in any language are not generally permitted unless clearly intended (and received) in good humour (i.e. highly infrequently) - this will be at the discretion of the administrators and their decision is final.

Usernames can be between 2 and 16 characters long.

How To Turn Off Automatic Thread Subscription
  • Go to your User CP.
  • Go to Edit Options.
  • Under Messaging and Notification you will find an option for Default thread subscription mode.
  • Set it to No email notification.
  • Save the change.

Advertising Your Website

If you run an ATP or tennis-related website and want to bring it to the attention of other users, there are two ways to do this:

1. Advertise the website DISCREETLY via a link in your signature.

To do this, access your user control panel and then access edit signature

2. On rare occasions where it is relevant to the topic at hand, you can mention your website as part of a conversation. Repeatedly doing this however is unacceptable and considered spamming.

Do not start threads repeatedly advertising your website - this is also considered spamming. Advertising purely commercial websites will also in most cases be considered spamming.

For information on what else is considered to be spamming, see this thread

If you want to advertise formally on this site, contact Vertical Scope directly, see here for further details:


Reputation is a feature that allows other members to reward you when you make a special contribution or a useful post to the MTF community. In contrast, if you're rude or set out to be deliberately abusive members can mark that down against your name.

Your reputation is also built up by how long you've been a member and the amount of posts you make.

How does it work? Where I can see it?

SteveG posted this excellent explanation:

- to view your reputation when you are browsing posts, you just need to move your mouse over the green dot. A comment will indicate where you stand (distinguished road, almost famous...)

- to view the number of points you have and the comments that you have received, go to your user CP. You can also review from there to which of your posts these comments refer.

- to give some reputation (good / bad) to someone (should be based on someone's post), click on the icon below the name of the member to whom you want to give points.

What to do in case of spam/abuse via a reputation comment?

Any use of the reputation system to leave abusive comments that you consider offensive or spam can be reported to supermods or admins by reporting one of the offending poster's posts or, if they have no posts, by sending a PM to a supermod or admin.

See POLICY: Abuse via the reputation or private messaging (PM) system for more details

What is a grey dot?

Members who have only a few posts, or haven't been here for long give out grey dots, it means neutral, and it won't give you extra points (nor will it take away points.

How many different members must I rep before I can repute the same member again?

I believe 20...

What are my rep limits?

You can give out a maximum of 10 reps in 24 hours

You must also have a minimum of ...

- 50 posts.

- 500 credits.

- 10 rep points.

... before any reps you give have an effect on anyone else's reputation.

Please also note that if you have a user on your ignore list, you will not see any reputation comments they give you.

Posting Privileges

There has been a change to user titles and posting priviliges for users.

Posters between 0 and 25 posts will have the user title of Junior Member

Posters with more than 100 posts will have user title of Senior Member.

Premium members retain their ability to alter their user titles as they see fit.

Peter Polansky
Nestor - Chvojka - Pospisil - Raonic - Peliwo

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