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Site-Wide Rules and Guide to Rule-Breaking Consequences

The Rules of the Site

To ensure that everyone is able to participate in the forums without conflict, be sure to adhere to the following set of rules when using MTF. Failure to adhere to these rules can lead to infractions and bans (outlined below)

Discriminatory remarks of any sort will not be tolerated. This includes degrading and/or offensive remarks about an individual or a group of individuals based on their race, colour, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, age, nationality, religious affliliation, or indeed any other basis.

Do not wish for tennis players, fellow posters or indeed anybody else to be injured or dead, even as a joke - it's not the kind of joke many people find funny, and is taken very seriously on this forum.

Do not threaten to harm anyone.

You may only use one (1) account on this forum.

If you're having any issues with your account or need help changing your username, password, email etc., please see this thread or failing that, contact a super moderator or administrator.

Ideas and opinions may be challenged, but personal attacks are not allowed. See this thread for more information on how to deal with interpersonal disputes.

Do not harass members. Attempts to provoke or intimidate other posters will not be tolerated. See this thread for more information.

Do not disclose private information about members without their consent (e.g. names, contact details, pictures, details about personal life, etc. - this includes private messages.)

Do not post messages on behalf of banned members. They are banned for a reason. Doing so will result in a ban for the poster who is conveying the message, and an increase in the ban length for the poster who is sending the message

Refrain from using inappropriate/vulgar language in posts and threads. For example: excessive swearing, explicitly sexual or vulgar phrases, emoticons or images.

Clearly, this is a wide field and what is considered appropriate will be decided by the moderators given the context of the discussion. Also, what is appropriate in Non-Tennis, for example, might not be appropriate in GM or a player forum. Likewise, where certain language and discussions are fine in a thread clearly labeled that way, it may not be appropriate in a more general chat or tennis-related thread. Since this is an all-ages forum, we'd like to help people avoid the more offensive topics/posts if they so choose. Where necessary, individual forum guidelines to clarify acceptable content will be issued and stickied in the forum in question.

Do not go into a player's forum to bash that player or troll the forum. Player subforums provide a place where fans can discuss events related to a player without hostility from other individuals.

In cases where posters that are known to be non-fans are invited to post in a player forum, they are asked to observe forum guidelines about not bashing that player, and to stick to only the threads where their presence is acceptable.

Equally, fans in a player forum do not have the right to "bar" or "veto" other posters from that forum, if their presence is welcomed in a thread within that forum by other fans. They may discuss their concerns with the moderators. Final decisions about who is or is not allowed to post in a specific player forum are at the discretion of the player forum moderator, if one exists, or the super mods and admins if one does not exist.

Do not bash staff members. While it is o.k. to criticize moderating decisions, if it is done in a rude and/or disruptive manner or involves personal attacks on moderators, it will NOT be tolerated.

Spamming advertisements is not allowed whether by posts, starting threads or via PM. This includes repeated posting of the same information in multiple parts of the site, or resurrecting dormant threads for no good reason.

See this thread for more information on the site's Spam policy

Pornography, censored photos, or highly disturbing or graphic images, or links to sites containing such images are not allowed anywhere in the forums.

See this thread for more information on the site's policy

Member signatures shall be appropriate, both in content and in size. No excessively obscene or rude language/content is allowed, nor may you use it to harm, harass or insult fellow members or to spread messages which are generally forbidden. If necessary, we reserve the righ to delete or edit members' signatures at any time.

See this thread for more information about signatures

Avoid starting threads with a subject that has been discussed before. Use the 'search' function to find out if threads with the given subject have been started before, then use the old thread to discuss the topic, updated with new information as required. If there is more than one thread active on the forum on the same or similar topics, moderators may merge the threads and broaden the scope of the thread to encompass all the similar topics.

Start threads in the appropriate forums. If a thread is started in a forum where it doesn't belong, the thread will be moved to the appropriate forum or deleted.

Please give warnings in your titles if needed for those who may not want to read the information in your thread (e.g. spoilers).

Do not start threads or make posts or reps that make serious allegations about a player, another poster, or anyone else, that can not be substantiated with independent and cast-iron evidence.

This includes allegations of doping. Such matters are only eligible for discussion if the person in question has been identified by an appropriate legal or governing body with a specific allegation that they must answer.

This also includes allegations or accusations of match fixing or result fixing in other sports. Evidence of unusual betting patterns are insufficent proof to publicy denigrate someone's reputation and will not be tolerated. When unusual betting patters occur, posters are, if they wish to, encouraged to post details of this, but without drawing inappropriate conclusions. If a specific allegation is levelled against a player or sportsperson by the appropriate governing body, this can be discussed, but posters should again remember that an allegation is not the same as a conviction.

Please note that this rule also covers insinuations about these types of allegations - making an allegation by use of certain words, phrases or references to individuals that are generally understood to be in reference to subject covered by this rule is not permitted either.

(19) Backseat moderating won't be tolerated. Simply report a post if you feel that it breaks the rules. Don't post that you've reported a specific post, that another poster should be banned, that a thread should be moved to a player forum just because you aren't interested, etc. Such behaviour will result in a warning or an infraction for baiting.

(20) Do not create threads or posts questioning specific infractions or bans that you or another individual have received. If you do have a question, email

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Re: Site-Wide Rules and Guide to Rule-Breaking Consequences

If a user is found to have broken one or more of the rules above, they may be issued with a warning (yellow card) or infraction (red card). In the interest of public disclosure, members will be warned, infracted, and banned according to the following procedures.

Infraction Procedures

Step 1.

A post that is contrary to the forum rules may be deleted. Additionally, the poster may receive a private message or yellow card (warning) about the problematic post. However, a user will receive no more than 1 yellow card for any type of offence (if applicable - see below)
Step 2.

Once a yellow card has been issued for a particular offence, the next occurrence of the same offence may be infracted with a red card and result in a ban (see below). However, a user might go straight to a red card (skipping the yellow card) for all types of offenses, should the deed be considered bad enough.
Step 3.

An accumulation of non-expired infractions for the same type of offense results in progressively longer temporary bans for that offense.

Offense Types and Ban Lengths

The categories of offenses are listed in the table below.

"Expires" refers to period of time after which an infraction for a given offense will expire, i.e. no longer count, for the purposes of temporary bans.
"Maximum" refers to the maximum number of infractions (expired or not) of the same type a user may receive before becoming a candidate for a permanent ban. All infractions, including those that have already expired, are counted when a user is being considered for a permanent ban.
"First red" refers to the ban length associated with the first infraction for a given offense category. For subsequent red cards for the same offence, the offender will be banned for the next available ban length (see "available ban lengths"). E.g. a third red card for a "personal attack" may result in a 1-month ban. Serving a ban for one type of offense does not carry over to another type of offense.
 Offense                        Expires        Maximum    First red                               Can be deleted for good behavior after
 Discriminatory remarks         Never          3          1 month                                 6 years
 Wishing injury                 Never          3          1 month                                 6 years
 Wishing death                  Never          2          3 months                                Never
 Uttering threats               Never          2          1 month                                 6 years
 Multiple accounts              Never          2          3 months                                Never
 Harassment                     Never          3          1 month                                 Never
 Violation of privacy           Never          3          1 month                                 Never
 Bashing Moderators             1 Year         7          10 days                                 3 years
 Spam (advertising)             -              1          -                                       -
 Porn/Inappropriate images      1 year         5          1 week                                  3 years
 Signature rule violation       1 year         7          4 days                                  3 years
 Editing a mod's changes        1 year         5          1 week                                  3 years
 Posting for banned member      1 year         5          1 week                                  3 years
 Personal attack                1 year         10         10 days                                 3 years
 Inappropriate language         1 year         10         - (second red = 5 days)                 3 years
 Doping Allegations             1 year         10         - (second red = 5 days)                 3 years
 Match Fixing Allegations       1 year         10         - (second red = 5 days)                 3 years
 Forum disruptions              1 year         10         - (second red = 1 day)                  3 years
 Baiting                        1 year         10         - (second red = 1 day)                  3 years
 Trolling                       1 year         10         - (second red = 1 day)                  3 years
Ban Length
In an attempt to improve constancy and objectivity, we have come up with a set ban length for the different infractions using the ban lengths that are available within the system. The list is used only for active red cards.

All procedures for permanent bans remain the same and can be seen here:

Inappropriate Language
Doping Allegations - Match Fixing Allegations

1st Red Card		0 days
2nd Red Card		5 days
3rd Red Card		10 days
4th Red Card		3 weeks
5th Red Card		1 month
6th Red Card		2 months
7th Red Card		3 months
8th Red Card		4 months
9th Red Card		5 months
10th Red Card		6 months
Forum Disruptions, Baiting, Trolling, Player Bashing

1st Red Card		0 days
2nd Red Card		1 day
3rd Red Card		3 days
4th Red Card		1 week
5th Red Card		2 weeks
6th Red Card		1 months
7th Red Card		2 months
8th Red Card		3 months
9th Red Card		4 months
10th Red Card		6 months
Discriminatory Remarks - Wishing Injury - Harrassment
Violation of Privacy - Uttering Threats

1st Red Card		1 month
2nd Red Card		2 months
3rd Red Card		3 months

Wishing Death, Multiple Accounts

1st Red Card		3 months
2nd Red Card		4 months

Personal Attack, Moderator Bashing

1st Red Card		10 days
2nd Red Card		3 weeks
3rd Red Card		1 month
4th Red Card		2 months
5th Red Card		3 months
6th Red Card 		4 months
7th Red Card		5 months
8th Red Card		6 months		Personal Attack Only
9th Red Card		7 months		Personal Attack Only
10th Red Card		8 months		Personal Attack Only

Signature Rule Violation

1st Red Card		4 days
2nd Red Card		1 week
3rd Red Card		2 weeks
4th Red Card		3 weeks
5th Red Card		1 month
6th Red Card 		2 months
7th Red Card		3 months

Porn, Editing a Moderator's Change, Posting for a Banned Member

1st Red Card		1 week
2nd Red Card		2 weeks
3rd Red Card		1 month
4th Red Card		2 months
5th Red Card		3 month
Some General Definitions
  • Baiting - posts that are clearly trying to evoke a rule-breaking response from another poster
  • Trolling - posts that are not necessarily focused on one poster but are either junk or nonsense, usually used in a repetitive manner, either starting from a lie, or from a vendetta against a player, meant to annoy and rise a negative reaction from other posters / fan bases
  • Personal Attack - an attack on another poster in personal terms by using derogatory terms or serious baseless accusations in a negative light
  • Harassment - a pattern of negative behaviour towards another poster, repeatedly attacking the poster everywhere he/she posts, using PMs to annoy him/her or encouraging other posters to behave badly against him
  • Forum Disruptions
    - consistently driving threads offtopic;
    - creating threads that are against GM rules (or the forum you post in);
    - bumping old threads with irrelevant subject additions;
    - bringing personal vendetta touch everywhere one posts making sure of repeating phrases endlessly;
  • Player bashing - Insulting players or using derogatory terms/nicknames to attack them. e.g trash, disgusting human being etc.
These are just guidelines, some situations may not be as clear to the definition and the infraction type chosen will be at the discretion of the moderator.

For the following infractions, there may be no yellow card - the first offence may see an immediate red card and the appropriate ban may be issued:
  • Discriminatory Remarks
  • Wishing Injury
  • Wishing Death
  • Uttering Threats
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Moderator Bashing
  • Porn/Inappropriate Images
  • Harassment
  • Violation of Privacy

Multiple Accounts

If a user who is serving a ban longer than 3 months creates a double account to evade his or her ban, the double account will be deleted and the ban on the original account will be extended by 1 month.

If the moderator team determines that the duplicate account was created deliberately but not for malicious reasons - e.g. ban evasion or game cheating - then the initial 3 month ban will be reduced to 1 month.

Good Behavior

A user who has:
  1. not made any new infractions in 3 years, may appeal for good behavior (through appeal procedures described below) in order to have all minor infractions lifted.
  2. not made any new medium infractions (Discriminatory remarks, Wishing injury, Uttering Threats) or major infractions (Wishing Death, Harassment, Violation of Privacy, Multiple Accounts) in 6 years, may appeal for good behavior (through appeal procedures described below) in order to have all medium infractions lifted.
  3. made major infractions (Wishing Death, Harassment, Violation of Privacy, Multiple Accounts) may not appeal to have them lifted.

The terms for good behavior appeal are also present in the table at top of this post.

Users who have returned from permanent ban which was started more than 3 years before may appeal for good behavior after 6 months to lift their minor infractions only. The rules for medium or major infraction mentioned above remain the same, as in time for good behavior starts at the time of permanent ban return.

Permanent Bans

A user who has:
  1. 15 infractions in total (expired or not), OR
  2. The maximum allowable number of infractions within one category

May be given a warning that they are now on the path towards a permanent ban. Subsequent to receiving this warning, the user will:
  1. Receive a 1 year ban for a subsequent infraction where the maximum no. of allowable infractions is 3 or more
  2. Receive a 2 year ban for a subsequent infraction where the maximum no. of allowable infractions is less than 3, AND
  3. Receive a permanent ban for any infraction received subsequent to serving one of the temporary bans mentioned in steps 1 and 2

Returning on Probation

Users who have made a successful appeal to return from a permanent ban as per rules described below in appeal procedures, will be on a probation period until rules from Good Behavior are applied to them (for PROBATION users, the good behavior period starts at the day of return, instead of last infraction) but with a minimum of 6 months. During this period any infraction leads to:

a warning that they are now on the path towards a permanent ban. Subsequent to receiving this warning, upon getting a new infraction, the user will receive a permanent ban.

Appeal Procedures

What can be appealed:
  • Yellow cards
  • Red cards
  • Bans
  • Good behavior - remove all minor infractions if user has not gotten ANY infraction in 3 years.
  • Good behavior - remove all medium infractions (Discriminatory remarks, Wishing injury, Uttering Threats) if user has not gotten any medium or major (Wishing Death, Harassment, Violation of Privacy, Multiple Accounts) infraction in 6 years.
  • Permanent bans - users are only allowed to submit an appeal ONCE a year starting with the date of ban (except the first year)
  • Members CANNOT appeal the closing, moving, or merging of threads, and the act of editing a post by a mod.
  • A warning or infraction that has already been reviewed CANNOT be re-appealed

Who can appeal:
  • Any person who receives a warning, red card, or ban
  • No appeals on behalf of other members will be accepted
  • No appeals for Permaban lift will be accepted from Double Accounts or users permabanned after multiple major infractions

How to appeal:
  1. Contact the appeal moderator via private message or within 1 week of receiving the warning, red card, or ban (only 1 infraction may be discussed per appeal)
  2. Explain what infraction you are appealing, and why you believe you did not break the rules, or why you should not have been warned, infracted, or banned.

The possible outcomes of an appeal:
  1. If the appeal moderator is not satisfied that you have a valid case, s/he will communicate his or her reasons to you, and at that point, the matter will be closed.
  2. If the the appeal moderator is satisfied that you have a valid case, s/he will present your case to the moderators and ask for the warning, infraction, or ban to be overturned.
  3. All moderators may review the request. However, the person who gave the warning/infraction/ban will not be involved in the decision to overturn the warning/infraction/ban
  4. After having considered the appeal moderator's request for lifting of a ban/infraction/warning, if two of the moderators agree with the appeal moderator, the warning/infraction/ban will be overturned.
  5. After having considered the appeal moderator's request for good behavior, if four of the moderators agree with the appeal moderator, the user's appeal will be successful.
  6. After having considered the appeal moderator's request for permaban lift, if half of the board's Super Moderators and Administrators agrees with the appeal moderator, the user's appeal will be successful.
  7. The result of the appeal, as well as the reasons for the final decision, will be communicated to the member who has appealed.

Application of the Rules

Everyone including MTF Staff must obey the rules. Updates and edits can be made at any time so please review these guidelines regularly.

Note that not all violations will be clear-cut; sometimes a corrective measure will be taken in accordance with a moderator’s judgement as to what is appropriate in a given situation.

Reporting Posts

Moderators cannot read every single post. If you notice a problematic post or poster, be sure to report it to the moderators using the report post button or through a private message.

Currently Banned Users

If someone you know has been banned and you are curious as to why, please review these rules or visit this thread

New Users Read Here

Every new user will be considered under a trial period. The trial period will be over once both these conditions are met:
- The user has reached 200 posts.
- The user has been on the forum for more than 6 months.

If a user breaks rules during this period, he/she will risk permaban according to the severity of the rules broken. The rules regarding periods and the number of infractions needed to receive a permanent ban warning will not be disclosed so that users do not take advantage of the system in order to break enough rules to keep from being warned. New users are allowed to appeal their bans/infractions just like regular users.

If a user under the trial period receives a number of red cards within a certain time frame (variable according to the severity of infractions), that user will receive a permanent ban warning, the next infraction of any kind resulting in a direct permanent ban.

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